Your Extra Ten Minutes.

As you get older any excuse for lateness starts to wear thin and as an apparently responsible adult, the ability to blame a third party for your lack of punctuality simply does not cut it.

Late, no matter if five minutes or an hour is obviously late and failing to arrive on time could be the difference between making the right impression with your dream employer or managing to turn your dissertation in on time.

If you’re someone who finds it impossible to arrive on time or meet deadlines, try setting every clock you will use this week, (wrist, phone, and computer) ten minutes fast.  This way on Monday, even when you still find yourself arriving at five past, you’ll have actually managed to arrive five minutes early!

You may never be able to make yourself arrive when you’re supposed to, but with this tip, you can hopefully trick yourself into it!

Be sure to check back on Tuesday when we will discuss resistance, how it affects your work and how it can be overcome!

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